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Refund Policy

The following steps must be followed to file for a refund:

  • Write an email addressed to the ‘Manager, Customer Service’ on the support id listed on the contact page.
  • Subject Line of the email should be - ‘Refund Claim: <<your name>>’
  • Please include the following details in your email
  • The ID number given to you at the time of sale.
  • The reason for asking refund.
  • Outlining the issue which was communicated earlier and not resolved.
  • The name of the sales person (if you remember).
  • Reference of any attempt he/she made to contract but proved futile.


Please allow us a minimum of three days to look into your complaint. If in case we are not able to resolve/address your concerns/issues with respect to service provided by our technicians you will automatically be eligible for refund as described below.

(A) For incident based plans: Full refund, if the issue at hand is not resolved within a week of you buying an incident based support plan
(B) For subscription based plans: Partial refund, calculated on a pro-rata basis, if a deficiency of service is proven. An amount proportionate to the duration of time already covered in your subscription period shall be deducted from the total subscription amount for refund.

The claim for refund shall be accepted subject to the following conditions being met:

  • The customer agrees to allow the Company atleast three days of time to investigate the issue at hand and try and fix the same
  • The customer, to the best of their ability, must fully cooperate with our technicians to allow them to complete their investigation. This includes and is not limited to granting remote access to their computer, peripherals or any other hardware.
  • The customer must, to the best of their ability, fully comply with all instructions given by our technicians to fix the issue in case remote access to their computer, hardware and/or peripherals is not possible
  • The customer must own the rights to all software installed on their computer, hardware and/or peripherals.
  • The issue must not have reoccurred because of modifications in hardware/software made by the customer or any other third party after it was resolved by our technicians.
  • Specifically for incident plans - the issue must reoccur within 15 days of the first resolution confirmed by our technician subject to point 5 above. If the issue reoccurs after a period of 15 days, then the client will not be eligible for refund. Any remedial solutions provided in such a scenario shall be subject to a fresh contract between the Company and the customer.
  • Specifically for subscription based plans –customer must cite an example of deficiency in service from the Company’s end to file a claim for refund